Open Pass

Purchase CoastalFlix™ Open Pass and
gain access to an entire library of
streaming content!

The CoastalFlix™ Open Pass gives you access
to over 1,000 videos covering all of our learning topics.

Simply select the Flix Format you are interested in and let us know the
total number of accesses you’ll need for the year and you’re ready!

Pick your titles as you go.

Go to "My Library", search videos, add them to your library and start creating playlists. Or, simply create an email to send to your employees or trainers, and they can start training immediately.

Our Open Pass has the freedom to allow you to find and use content just in time and when you need it.

  • Full Length Videos

    Bring learning content to your
    employees at the click of the

  • Short videos

    Deliver critical learning
    messages in just three to
    eight minutes.

  • video bytes

    Just-in-time, bite-sized training.
    Perfect for meeting openers
    and safety contacts.