What is an 'Access'?

An access refers to the number of users who can play a specific video over the course of the licensing period. When in the 'My Cart' section you will be asked to select the total number of 'accesses' you would like per video or per library depending on if you are taking advantage of the 'Select Pass' or the 'Open Pass'.

In the Select Pass option, you will need to assign an access for each individual user who will play the video over the licensing period.



Please note that if you choose a monthly option you will have a total of 25 accesses over the license period.



In the Open Pass option you will need to assign the total number of accesses for FlixFormat select (Full Length Video, Short Videos, of Video Bytes).


In the Open Library option please assign the total number access needed and you can use them across all three FlixFormats as you see fit.


Please note that an access is counted each time a video is played by a user. The CoastalFlix system is set to capture 'cookies' to remember if a specific user has viewed a particular video in the past. This means if a user watched the same video a second time (or more) while using the same computer, browser, has enabled cookies to be captured, and hasn't clear his or her internet history you will not be deducted another 'accesses' when watched.