Get Started by Creating a Playlist

  1. Sign in to access your CoastalFlix account
  2. Choose the 'My Content' drop down on the main menu bar and select 'Library'
  3. If you have multiple licenses please select the proper license you'd like to add the content to on the left hand side of the page
  4. The license you are adding content to will appear at the top of the library page. 
  5. Under the license details you will see a 'Product Search' bar to use to search by phrase, keyword or product SKU.  You can also filter your search criteria by topic area, format, or language.
  6. Once the proper content is found you can watch a short trailer of the video or review a chapter of the eLearning course.
  7. You will then need to select which format of the content you would like to add Streaming Video, Electronic Leaders Guide, Flash eLearning Course, or HTML5 eLearning course.  You do this by checking the box next to your selection
  8. Once you have check the needed formats, click the 'Add to Playlist' button to drop down to add the content to an existing playlist you have created or you can choose to 'Add to New Playlist'
  9. Once you have selected where you'd like to content to live, you can review the new or updated playlist at the 'Playlist' page which can be found under the 'My Content' header on the main menu bar.