Wage and Hour Compliance
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Wage and Hour Compliance

The Department of Labor has strengthened its commitment to the enforcement of labor laws, cracking down on FLSA violations especially among low-wage industries. More FLSA claims have been filed since 2004, and offending companies have paid up, with one shelling out $85 million in back wages!

Review the Fair Labor Standards Act and double-check your practices with the help of DuPont Sustainable Solutions' training program, Wage and Hour Compliance, which provides an overview of the law to help your organization provide fair compensation and cope with the DOL's tightening enforcement program.

Wage and Hour Compliance addresses key elements that DOL investigators are particularly keen on - misclassification of employees and miscalculation of wages. This program helps guide your managers on how to:

  • Perform the three "tests" to determine exemptions to the FLSA
  • Grasp a more nuanced definition of "compensation"
  • Calculate correct wages for a week, including overtime
  • Deal with on-call, off-site employees
  • Apply six criteria to identify an independent contractor
  • Comply with youth-employment restrictions
  • Avoid the wage-risks concerning "volunteers"
  • Adopt proper accounting and recordkeeping procedures
  • Avoid common employer errors
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