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Welcome to CoastalFlix, DuPont Sustainable Solution's streaming video and content delivery platform.

This unique platform, developed in 2012, has serviced thousands of clients across the globe to help build capabilities, ensure compliance, and keep workers safe and productive. Today, CoastalFlix is a robust online marketplace where learning and development professionals can browse and license our catalog of hundreds of videos – ranging from single microlearning objects to our full-length video library and SCORM compliant HTML5 courses.

CoastalFlix is designed to help combat the challenges around delivering just in time and just-in-place learning, enhance the classroom learning experience, and through the distribution of that messages around safety and compliance that stick and are memorable.

Flexibility is genuinely in the DNA of the CoastalFlix platform. Our content can be delivered over any device type, embedded for delivery on your internal websites, can be downloaded as SCORM files to be used on any learning management system, emailed directly to employees for viewing, or during a classroom event, replacing physical media products.

We also know that short bursts of learning are essential so you can browse our catalog microlearning videos. We have found that microlearning can help improve knowledge retention and close performance gaps. These short, bite-sized courses and videos can help employees improve risk awareness and safety performance. An ideal use case is for a meeting opener or safety contact. We use them every day!

If you need access to video-based learning content, you’ve come to the right place. Feel free to reach out to one of our account managers or send me a note directly. We love talking about CoastalFlix and would be happy to give you a demonstration or a guided tour.

Be safe, be productive, and never stop learning.

Steve Zuckerman Global eLearning Commercial Product Manager

Why CoastalFlix?

CoastalFlix offers many flexible delivery options for our thousands of streaming videos and e-learning courses. Choose from our full length and microlearning content libraries and deliver via our mobile app, through QR codes, embed directly into your web pages, or install into your learning management system. Browse our catalog to get started!

Award winning training materials

Choose from hundreds of e-learning courses to help save lives, empower employees and improve the workplace.

Flexible content delivery

Stream video to any web-enabled device, regardless of operating system.

You're in control

Learn anytime, anywhere. Start and finish on your own schedule.