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Advanced Vibration: AC Induction Motors, Part I
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Advanced Vibration: AC Induction Motors, Part I

Advanced Vibration: AC Induction Motors, Part I is the first half of the Advanced Vibration two-part training series.

Three-phase AC induction motors play an integral part in the mechanical systems of virtually every industry. This course focuses on the variations of AC current due to electromagnetic problems.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify AC induction motor components and their functions
  • Identify the fundamental defect frequencies
  • Set up the data collector or analyzer to sufficiently capture correct vibration data
  • Understand how electromagnetic problems cause unequal magnetic forces due to variations in the current flow in either the stator or the rotor
  • Explain how electromagnetic problems from a broken wire or connector can be seen in a vibration spectrum.

Course menu:

Induction Motor Operating Principles

  • How Induction Motors Work
  • Spectral Peak Frequencies
Condition Monitoring System Setup
  • Identifying Frequency Measurement Points
  • Measurement Point Setup
Causes and Indications of Defects
  • Unequal Magnetic Forces
  • Identifying Defects
  • Broken/Loose Wires
  • Rotor Current Variations
  • Loose Rotor Bars

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