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Age–Specific Care: It's Relative

When healthcare providers tailor their care to the needs of a certain age group, they treat their patients more respectfully and effectively. This training program will help your staff learn about the age-specific care approach, its importance, and the consequences when such is not given. This training also contains competency standards for age-specific care providers, grouping patients based on chronological, functional or life-stage categories.

Age Specific Care

  • What age-specific care is
  • What is Age-Specific Care?
  • Importance of Age-Specific Care
  • Applying Age-Specific Care

  • Providing Age-Appropriate Care
  • Lack of Age-Appropriate Care
  • Age-Specific Care Competencies

  • Who Must Be Competent
  • Age Divisions Determination
  • Evaluating Age-Specific Competency
  • Product Details

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