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Basic Engine Lathe: Engine Lathe Accessories
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Basic Engine Lathe: Engine Lathe Accessories

Basic Engine Lathe: Engine Lathe Accessories is part two of the Basic Engine Lathe 14-part training series.

The course provides students with a basic awareness of the mechanics and functions of commonly used accessories for the engine lathe.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the safety procedures that are required in every machine shop
  • Call the accessories used on the engine lathe by their proper names
  • Explain the generally accepted uses of these accessories.

Course menu:

Holding Devices

  • Four-Jaw and Three-Jaw Chucks
  • Split or Rubber-Mounted Collet Chucks and Faceplate
  • Drive Plates and Lathe Dogs, and Drill Chucks
  • Tool Holders

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