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Basic Machine Technology: The Vernier Caliper & Vernier Protractor
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Basic Machine Technology: The Vernier Caliper & Vernier Protractor

Basic Machine Technology: Vernier Caliper & Vernier Protractor is part five of the Basic Machine Technology 10-part training series.

For precise measurements, a machinist must understand how to use the Vernier scale. This course will teach students how to read the Vernier scale and how it is used with two common machinists' measuring tools — the Vernier caliper and Vernier protractor.

The course covers:

  • Safety
  • Caliper description and explanation of use
  • Main and Vernier scales
  • Taking a measurement
  • Measuring diameters
  • Inside measurement
  • Protractor description and explanation of use.
Course menu:

Vernier Caliper
  • Components of the Vernier Caliper
  • Reading a Caliper
  • Taking Measurements
Vernier Protractor
  • Protractor Description
  • Reading a Protractor

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