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Chemical Safety: A Formula for Success
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Chemical Safety: A Formula for Success

If your employees work with or near chemicals, they may already be familiar with the hazards and potential consequences of an exposure. There are acute and immediate effects, such as acid burns or long-term and chronic effects, such as liver and kidney disease, or cancer. No matter the effect, chemical exposures can be life-threatening.

Chemicals can also cause fires and explosions, corrode equipment, and cause environmental problems. Chemical Safety: A Formula For Success helps your employees understand the importance of working safely around chemicals by discussing the hazard categories of chemicals, the components of Hazard Communication, proper handling and storage techniques and procedures for handling chemical emergencies.

Learning objectives:

Chemical Hazard Identification

  • Toxic, Flammable and Combustible, Corrosive and Reactive
  • Hazard Communication
Chemical Storage and Handling
  • Chemical Handling
  • Chemical Storage
Chemical Emergency Response
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Spill Response
  • Portable Fire Extinguisher Use
  • Chemical First Aid

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