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Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems
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Communication Nightmares: Solutions to Your Top Communication Problems

Goodnight communication nightmares, good morning smooth communication! In this course, your employees will learn to resolve difficult communication scenarios: a retail worker and manager trying to understand each other, an employee struggling to get his boss to listen, an employee dominating the group discussion, an employee interrupting the conversation, and an employee having difficulty expressing herself. Training points include defining the problem, opening to other points of view, message consistency, giving and receiving feedback, and defusing a heated discussion. All these improve communication and show employees how to turn challenging situations into more positive encounters.


  • Overview and Objectives

  • You Just Don't Get It!
  • Gain Understanding and Seek Agreement

  • Is Anybody Listening?
  • Dealing with Chronic Non-Listeners

  • Shut Up and Let Me Finish!
  • Managing Communication Domination

  • What I Really Want to Say Is…
  • Communicating a Difficult Message

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