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ControlLogix: Creating & Using Tags & the Program Editor
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ControlLogix: Creating & Using Tags & the Program Editor

ControlLogix: Creating & Using Tags & the Program Editor is part three of the ControlLogix 6-part training series.

Tags identify areas in the controller's memory where data is stored. This course gives a detailed explanation of tags, including how they are created, monitored, and edited. The RSLogix Program Editor is also covered. Students will learn about program logic and the three-step scan cycle, input and output instructions, series and parallel instructions, and adding ladder logic to a program.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the types of tags
  • Explain how base, alias, consumed, and produced tags are used
  • Create, monitor, and edit tags
  • Use the RSLogix Program Editor
  • Add ladder logic elements or instructions to a program.

Course menu:

Creating and Using Tags

  • Types of Tags
  • How to Create a New Controller Tag
  • Monitoring and Editing Tags

Using the RSLogix Program Editor

  • Understanding the Program Editor
  • Input and Output Instructions

Adding Ladder Logic to the Program

  • Adding Instructions

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