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ControlLogix: PLC Troubleshooting
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ControlLogix: PLC Troubleshooting

ControlLogix: PLC Troubleshooting is part six of the ControlLogix 6-part training series.

The course introduces ControlLogix troubleshooting and the tools that are used to troubleshoot controller faults and I/O modules. Students will learn to find and clear faults both manually and through the controller.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify and clear controller faults
  • Differentiate between minor and major faults and know the different troubleshooting steps for each
  • Locate project elements by searching and cross-referencing projects
  • Use ControlLogix Help
  • Force a tag
  • Troubleshoot I/O modules.

Course menu:

Finding and Clearing Faults

  • Identifying Controller Faults
Searching and Cross-Referencing Projects
  • Search
  • Cross-Referencing
Using RSLogix 5000 Help
  • Help Menu
Using Forces in Troubleshooting
  • Force
Troubleshooting I/O Modules
  • Hardware Module Status LED's
  • Indicators in the Software

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