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Customer Service: But I Don't Have Customers! (Office Version)
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Customer Service: But I Don't Have Customers! (Office Version)

If your employees respect internal customers, their attitude will carry over to their dealings with external clients. By asking questions, listening and keeping their word, your employees can cultivate a superb customer-service system and create a positive and productive work environment. This course covers the following topics: respecting internal customers, determining their needs, keeping internal deadlines, and applying excellent communication skills.


  • Overview and Objectives

  • Identify Your Customers
  • Who are Your Customers?

  • Improve Your Service Skills
  • Have a Positive Attitude
  • Handle Complaints

  • Discover the Customer's Needs
  • Ask Questions and Listen

  • Agree on a Plan of Service
  • Treat Each Other as Customers

  • Exceed the Customer's Expectations
  • Be Flexible and Consider Alternatives

  • Comprehensive Test

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