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Difficult People: How To Deal With Them
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Difficult People: How To Deal With Them

Hostile customers. Unreasonable co-workers. Indecisive, vacillating bosses. Over-agreeable (but do-nothing) subordinates. You meet them everyday, and dealing with them, just to say the least, can be stressful. But it need not be, as long as you got the tricks to identify, understand and cope.

This program, based on the best-selling book Coping with Difficult People by Dr. Robert M. Bramson, examines useful skills in dealing with these so-hard-to-handle people.

How-To Training Points:

  • How to Identify six major types of behavior
  • How to communicate successfully with difficult personalities
  • Turn negative situations into positive ones
  • How to change behavior to impact results
  • How to develop confidence for confrontational situations

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