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DSS Energy Efficiency: Steam Distribution
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DSS Energy Efficiency: Steam Distribution

DSS Energy Efficiency: Steam Distribution is part eight of the DSS Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DSS owner-operator content.

The course covers various industrial steam distribution lines, their auxiliary components, and their efficient use.

Course objectives include:

  • Exercise proper safety precautions when working with steam distribution systems
  • Compare the different steam distribution lines used in industry
  • Compare and use various steam traps, pressure regulation valves, and pipeline desuperheaters
  • Apply specific best practices for energy efficiency to steam distribution systems.

Course menu:

Safety Considerations

Distribution Lines and Sources of Steam Distribution

  • Distribution Lines
  • Sources of Steam Distribution
Steam Traps and Drip Legs
  • Thermodynamic Disc Trap
  • Inverted Bucket Trap
  • Thermostatic Traps
  • Drip Legs or Drip Pockets
Pressure-Reducing and Desuperheating Stations
  • Self-Contained or Piloted Pressure Regulators
  • Desuperheaters
Best Practices
  • Steam Distribution Best Practices

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