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DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Emission Control & Ash Handling
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DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Emission Control & Ash Handling

DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Emission Control & Ash Handling is part seven of the DuPont™ Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DuPont owner-operator content.

The course introduces the categories of emissions and discusses the methods used to control and/or collect the most prevalent and most commonly regulated primary pollutants and by-products emitted by the combustion process in industrial-fired boilers and process equipment.

Course objectives include:

  • Exercise proper safety precautions when operating emission control systems
  • Classify the three basic categories of emissions
  • Remove ash from the furnace using pneumatic or hydraulic systems
  • Remove fly ash from the stack gases in boilers using mechanical collectors, electrostatic precipitators, and baghouses
  • Understand the three general approaches used to control sulfur dioxide emissions
  • Control the emission of nitrogen oxides produced in the combustion process
  • Apply specific best practices to manage the energy consumption of emission control systems.

Course menu:

Safety Considerations

Furnace Ash Removal

  • Pneumatic Ash Handling Systems
  • Hydraulic Ash Handling Systems
Fly Ash Removal
  • Mechanical Collectors
  • Electrostatic Precipitators (ESP)
  • Baghouses
Sulfur Dioxide (SOx) Control
  • Lime/Limestone Scrubbers
  • Dry Scrubbers
Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) Control

Best Practices
  • Emission Control and Ash Handling

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