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DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Energy System Instrumentation & Controls
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DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Energy System Instrumentation & Controls

DuPont™ Energy Efficiency: Energy System Instrumentation & Controls is part three of the DuPont™ Energy Efficiency 16-part training series featuring DuPont owner-operator content.

The instrumentation and control of power equipment has changed dramatically through the years, leaving many plants with a mixture of both old and new technology. This course covers the broad range of energy system instrumentation and control strategies, systems, and technology in use today.

Course objectives include:

  • Exercise proper safety precautions when working with instrumentation and control systems
  • Identify the elements of a typical process control system
  • Compare common control strategies and their applications
  • Compare different control systems and their operating characteristics
  • Measure temperature, pressure, flow, and level with common field instruments
  • Apply specific best practices for energy efficiency to instrument systems.

Course menu:

Safety Considerations

Process Control Concepts

  • Control Strategies
  • Control Systems
Measurement Instruments
  • Temperature Measurement Instruments
  • Pressure Measurement Instruments
  • Flow Measurement Instruments
  • Level Measurement Instruments
Best Practices
  • Energy Control System Best Practices

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