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Electrical Case History
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Electrical Case History

Electrical hazards are all around us at work and at home, in the walls, in ceilings, on counters, in equipment and machinery, and even numerous places outside. Your employees' risk of being injured by electricity depends on how they are exposed to it and what steps they take to protect themselves.

Because of complacency around electricity, on average, one worker is electrocuted every single day of every year! Electrical Case History takes a close look at the details of a real-life tragedy to help your employees understand the potential dangers of working around this powerful force. It specifically presents proper lockout/tagout procedures and how to operate a scissor lift safely, especially around electrical sources.

Learning objectives:

Electrical Case History

  • Dangers of Electricity

Lessons Learned

  • Lockout/Tagout
  • Scissor Lift Operation

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