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Electrical Safety For The Qualified Worker
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Electrical Safety For The Qualified Worker

Give your qualified workers' know-how a big surge and ensure that their skills are more than up to scratch. This course covers the nature of electrical accidents and explains how electricity harms the body. It then cites critical dos and don'ts for testing, installation, grounding, insulation, guarding, overcurrent protection and GFCIs. The course examines safe practices concerning flash hazard analysis, flash protection boundaries, arc flash and flash potential. It helps you comply with electrical codes and regulations, explains the nature of the electrical safety program and explores the stringent criteria for PPE use.

Effects of Electrical Safety

  • How Does Electricity Affect the Body?

Electrical Safety Measures

  • Working Safely Around Electricity
  • Test Equipment
  • Protective Measures
  • Codes and Regulations
  • Protective Equipment
  • Electrical Safety Program

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