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Gaging & Measurement: Types & Fundamentals
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Gaging & Measurement: Types & Fundamentals

Gaging & Measurement: Types & Fundamentals is part one of the Gaging & Measurement two-part training series.

The course introduces the process of gaging, which is used in industry to control the quality of manufactured products.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe the two systems of measure used in gaging
  • Define the basic terms needed for the gaging process
  • Describe the basic number system
  • Perform basic mathematical operations using whole numbers and decimals
  • Describe the basic components of the unit systems used in gaging
  • Describe the relationship between statistical process control and the gaging process
  • Identify and describe the various types of plant documents used in the gaging process
  • Classify gages into the four basic families of gages
  • Describe the limitations of each gage
  • Interpret gage readings and determine whether a part is in tolerance
  • Explain the importance of the proper care and handling of gaging instruments.

Course menu:

Introduction to Gaging

  • History of Gaging
  • Gaging Terminology
Fundamental Concepts
  • History of Measurement
  • Decimal Concepts
  • Unit Systems
Industrial Documentation
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Geometric Tolerancing
  • Relation of Gaging to SPC
  • Plant Documents
The Gaging Process
  • Gaging Types
  • Interpreting Gages
  • Care and Handling of Gages

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