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Harassment for Managers: A New Look
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Harassment for Managers: A New Look

Recent harassment lawsuits show that employers and managers can increase their legal liability if they neglect a harassment complaint and fail to create and/or enforce anti-harassment policies.

Managers must step up and take harassment seriously, but complicating the situation is the difficulty in figuring out what harassment actually is. Most of it is subtle and has taken recent forms which do not easily fit traditional understandings of the idea.

To help address this issue, Harassment for Managers: A New Look examines the recent forms of harassment and shows how supervisors can and should prevent, identify and respond effectively to such phenomena. A vital training update and a reliable compliance guide, the program uses vivid re-enactments to discuss:

  • Quid pro quo, tangible employment action, and hostile environment
  • Bullying and digital harassment
  • Humor, third-party harassment and age-discrimination
  • Recognizing the impact of harassment and identifying warning signs
  • Manager's responsibilities and obligations
  • The need to train and communicate policies
  • Handling complaints seriously and effectively
  • Conducting investigations fairly
  • Interviewing protocols and enforcement.

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