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Housekeeping Safety: A Team Approach
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Housekeeping Safety: A Team Approach

Tripping on objects in a walkway, being hit by falling objects, and slipping on greasy, wet, or dirty floors are all common incidents that can occur when good housekeeping is overlooked. It's important for employees to understand the importance of maintaining an orderly workspace in order to work safely.

Housekeeping Safety: A Team Approach shows employees how working together as a team to keep a clean work area can help minimize incidents caused by unnecessary clutter and other hazards. The program discusses the impact of both poor and good housekeeping on the business environment and presents effective ways to implement and maintain good housekeeping principles.

Learning objectives:

The Basics

  • Consequences of Poor Housekeeping
  • Benefits of Good Housekeeping
Housekeeping Steps
  • The 5 S's
  • Areas to Maintain
Housekeeping Responsibilities
  • Maintenance and Repair
  • Cleaning Responsibility

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