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Industrial Drives: Enclosed Drive Systems
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Industrial Drives: Enclosed Drive Systems

Industrial Drives: Enclosed Drive Systems is part three of the Industrial Drives six-part training series.

Drive systems are common to industry and are responsible for moving conveyors, sections of machines, or complete machines. This course discusses the different types of enclosed gear drives and their major components in order to build competence and confidence in this essential area. All aspects of enclosed drive systems are covered, including adjustable speed drives, installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting procedures.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the principles of operation and terminology used in enclosed drive systems
  • Identify the components used in an enclosed gear drive
  • Identify different gear types
  • Understand applications for enclosed gear drives
  • Identify the various types of adjustable speed enclosed drives
  • Understand applications of an enclosed chain drive system
  • Identify and describe the component parts and operation of an enclosed chain drive
  • Install an enclosed drive
  • Explain proper maintenance procedures
  • Describe proper procedures when troubleshooting an enclosed drive system.

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