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Industrial Drives: Shaft Joint and Coupling Devices
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Industrial Drives: Shaft Joint and Coupling Devices

Industrial Drives: Shaft Joining & Coupling Devices is part six of the Industrial Drives six-part training series.

In order for most power machinery to operate, power transmission from a driving shaft to a driven shaft is necessary. This course not only discusses the principles and applications of shaft joining and coupling but teaches important troubleshooting strategies and remedies.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify different types of shaft joining and coupling devices
  • Understand the operating principles governing shaft joining and coupling devices
  • Identify critical application considerations when selecting a connecting device
  • Differentiate between rigid, flexible, fluid couplings, and universal joints based upon construction, purpose, and application
  • Understand the safety precautions to follow when performing inspection, maintenance, and repairs
  • Install and align mechanical couplings
  • Maintain mechanical couplings
  • Install, mount, align, test, and maintain a fluid coupling
  • Recognize symptoms of and troubleshoot fluid couplings.

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