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It's About Respect II
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It's About Respect II

Harassment happens daily, and not just to celebrities. And it does not simply manifest in blatant racism or outright ridicule; it occurs even in the most ordinary circumstances, at times without us meaning to.

This program looks at four common examples of workplace discrimination: two cases of ridiculing colleagues because of their religion and gender, and two less obvious yet no less harmful scenarios: sidelining a pregnant woman even if she insists she’s fit to work, and interrupting a coworker during conversations and excluding them from the team.

Through role play and dialogue, this program shows the impact of these forms of harassment on the victims, the attitudes behind them, and the ways they can be resolved, with emphasis on the vital role of management and HR departments in creating a harassment-free workplace.

  • Common Examples of Harassment and Discrimination
  • Impact of Harassment on Victims
  • Creating a Culture of respect

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