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Leakproof 8 Privacy Principles
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Leakproof 8 Privacy Principles

200 million data breach incidents have hurt American businesses and eroded consumer confidence. Each incident has cost, on average, a whopping $6.7 million - that's a loss of over $1 billion!

Help strengthen customer trust, tighten privacy policies and increase your bottom line with DuPont Sustainable Solutions' Leakproof: 8 Privacy Principles. Featuring eight guidelines given by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), this new program shows your employees how to protect customer data at all times, from collection, specification and usage to storage, security and disposal.

Enhance your privacy policies through the following principles:

  • Collection Limitation
  • Purpose Specification
  • Data Quality
  • Use Limitations
  • Security Safeguards
  • Openness
  • Individual Participation
  • Accountability

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