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Learn to Lead: Lessons with Captain Sully Sullenberger
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Learn to Lead: Lessons with Captain Sully Sullenberger

"People can learn the skills to be a leader," says Captain Sullenberger in this new program, "and they don't need formal titles to be one. In fact, just about every person is a leader in some area of their life."

Help employees embrace their roles as leaders and show them how to make a transformative impact on ethics, morale, teamwork, and productivity. The program examines Captain Sullenberger's five leadership principles:

  • Have a clear set of values and consistently live them
  • Care deeply
  • Create a sense of shared responsibility and then empower employees
  • Make a life-long commitment to learn and grow
  • Be a realistic optimist.

  • Captain Sullenberger shares how these five principles helped him land the plane on the Hudson River and lead his passengers to safety. The program provides various life and workplace scenarios to illustrate how your employees can apply these guidelines to:

  • Make sound, ethical decisions
  • Build loyalty and camaraderie
  • Enhance morale and teamwork
  • Embrace and learn from new experiences
  • Achieve their goals amidst a crisis

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