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Looking Forward: Your Performance Appraisal
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Looking Forward: Your Performance Appraisal

Both manager and employee dread performance appraisal meetings. And their fear unfortunately hampers their abilities to take advantage of the invaluable opportunity to learn, grow and increase motivation. But through this program, they can break down the barriers and lay the foundations of a succesful performance evaluation, concern and honesty.

Synopsis: Brad, an inexperienced manager doesn't quite know how to conduct a superb appraisal. But he is reminded by the unlikely source James, the intern whose youthful enthusiasm inspires Brad to take a second look at his own performance and his appraisal style. The training points covered include:

  • How to Prepare for the Meeting
  • Using Care and Candor when giving Feedback
  • Separating the Person from the Behavior
  • Collaborating to set SMART goals
  • Keeping the PRAISE in the Appraisal

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