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Machinery Oil Analysis: Establishing an Effective Program
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Machinery Oil Analysis: Establishing an Effective Program

Machinery Oil Analysis: Establishing an Effective Program is part three of the Machinery Oil Analysis three-part training series.

The course is designed to teach students how oil analysis is utilized in a variety of machinery applications. More specifically, it presents the use of a statistically based data trending procedure to detect oil condition indicators — the precursors of machine failure. The lesson includes instruction on selecting machines for oil monitoring, establishing a proper sample interval, selecting appropriate tests for each machine class, taking samples correctly from pressure and splash type lubrication systems, establishing alarm limits for performance and condition data, and interpreting test data in conjunction with other operational data.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand a step-by-step procedure for using machinery oil analysis to provide an early indication of problems within mechanical systems
  • Explain the proper selection of machines and tests
  • Describe proper sampling techniques
  • Explain the procedures for reducing and interpreting oil performance and trend data
  • Identify the various problems and solutions associated with maintenance of data integrity
  • Understand the concepts utilized for data management and automation in the context of condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance.

Course menu:

Selecting Machines

  • Performance and Condition Monitoring
  • Oil Sampling
Data Interpretation Procedure
  • Establishing Alarm Limits
  • Alarms, Fault Library, Recommendations
Maintaining Program Integrity
  • Data Management
  • Oil Analysis Quality

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