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Machinery Oil Analysis: Fundamentals & Methods
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Machinery Oil Analysis: Fundamentals & Methods

Machinery Oil Analysis: Fundamentals & Methods is part one of the Machinery Oil Analysis three-part training series.

The course introduces the oil analysis student to the fundamentals of machinery lubrication. The relationships between component motion, lubrication methods, lubricant properties, and additives are presented to build an understanding of how machinery is lubricated. The various lubricant failure modes and indicating symptoms are introduced to help students understand how lubricant degradation and contamination affect machine reliability. The presentation culminates in a discussion on oil quality and reliability management through the use of oil performance and condition monitoring.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand the principles of machinery lubrication
  • Identify the main functions and properties of a lubricating oil
  • List the critical oil-related machinery failure modes
  • Understand the objectives and concepts of machinery oil analysis
  • Use oil analysis in a condition-based maintenance program.

Course menu:

Lubrication Fundamentals

  • Functions of Oil
  • Thin Film Lubrication
  • Viscosity
  • Lubricant Additives
  • Methods of Lubricant Application
Critical Oil Failure Modes
  • Contamination
  • Oil Degradation
Analysis Objectives and Concepts
  • Sample Taking Principles
  • Test Data Interpretation Concepts

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