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No Privacy: Legal Issues in Email
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No Privacy: Legal Issues in Email

E-mail is not harmless piece of technology. In certain conditions, it can take you to court and even send you to jail. Click on this course and delete the likelihood of email-related lawsuits. It explains why e-mail is always considered public information and that even deleted e-mail is unsafe and can haunt you. It also examines the potential dangers of forwarded messages and the no-nos of discussing sensitive or confidential issues via email. The course also establishes, dramatizes and reinforces the important guidelines on effective and legally safe use of e-mail. Prevent any mishaps today.


  • Overview and Objectives

  • E-mail is Public and Permanent
  • Security Issues in E-mail Use

  • E-mail and Litigation
  • E-mail is for Business Use
  • Inappropriate use of E-mail
  • Productive Use of E-mail

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