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Operators & Their Responsibilities: Hand Tools
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Operators & Their Responsibilities: Hand Tools

Operators & Their Responsibilities: Hand Tools is part five of the Operators & Their Responsibilities six-part training series.

This course describes the proper use and care of common hand tools used for routine maintenance ??" equipment lubrication, grease gun, screw drivers, hammers, wrenches, vises, clamps, socket sets, pliers, hacksaws, files, wedges and tubing, and small pipe tools.

Course objectives include:

  • Explain how to use hand tools found in an operator??Ts toolbox
  • Recognize the types of tools and which jobs the tool is used for
  • Understand the potential risks and hazards of improper tool use
  • How to inspect a tool to be sure it is in proper condition and fitness for the tool??Ts intended use
  • Learn the best practices for each tool, which is critical for safety and personnel protection.

Course menu:

The Operator??Ts Tool Box

    Hand Tool Use and Care

Tools for Lubricating
  • Lubrication Tools
  • Grease Guns

      Common Hand Tools
      • Hammers and Wedges
      • Chisels, Punches and Files
      • Screwdrivers
      • Wrenches, Sockets and Ratchets
      • Clamps and Vises
      • Measuring

      Tools for Cutting and Bending
      • Knives and Saws
      • Pliers and Wire Cutters
      • Pipe and Tubing Tools

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