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Operators & Their Responsibilities: Startup Operations
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Operators & Their Responsibilities: Startup Operations

Operators & Their Responsibilities: Startup Operations is part two of the Operators & Their Responsibilities six-part training series.

Considerations for initial commissioning and normal restart of a plant after maintenance are presented. The course introduces the hazards, risks, precautions and sequencing of various systems and equipment to be started. Steps to startup utilities, air free equipment, introduce process fluids and achieve normal operations after a turnaround are also included.

Course objectives include:

  • Describe intermittently used equipment care, potential hazards and safety precautions
  • Discuss generic startup steps and sequencing the startup of equipment and support systems
  • Explain achieving normal operating conditions and product quality after startup.

Course menu:

Support Systems

  • Standby Equipment
  • Utility Systems
  • Prepare for Process Feed

Start-Up Operations
  • Initial Commissioning
  • Recommissioning

Achieve Normal Operations
  • Flow, Temperature and Pressure
  • On Specification Production

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