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Personal Fall Protection: Your Lifelines
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Personal Fall Protection: Your Lifelines

Falls are the leading cause of death in many industries. Almost half of all fatal falls happen to workers within their first six months on the job, and a quarter of them happen on small jobs involving 12 or fewer employees.

The surface an individual falls from doesn t even have to be very high for it to cause a serious injury; half of all fall-related deaths are from heights of less than 25 feet. This is why all workers, especially those working in industries with high rates of injuries, should be educated on proper fall protection. Personal Fall Protection: Your Lifelines provides important information on Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS), hazard recognition, and the fall hazard control process.

Learning objectives:

Personal Fall Arrest System (PFAS) and Fall Restraint

  • PFAS Components
Hazard Recognition
  • Hazards Associated with Fall Protection
Fall Hazard Control Process
  • The Three Steps

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