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Pneumatics: Pneumatic Control Valves
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Pneumatics: Pneumatic Control Valves

Pneumatics: Pneumatic Control Valves is part five of the Pneumatics eight-part training series.

To be effective, actuators must move loads in the proper sequence, at the correct time, and at the desired speed. In pneumatic systems, this type of control is accomplished through the use of valves that control the direction of air flow, regulate actuator speed, and respond to changes in air pressure. This course focuses on pneumatic control valves.

The course covers:

  • Directional control valves
  • One- and two-way valves
  • Three- and four-way valves
  • Methods of actuation
  • Flow control valves
  • Exhaust valves and air fuses
  • Simple and specialized regulators
  • Valve performance
  • Selecting valves.

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