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Responsible Business Communication
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Responsible Business Communication

In a world where virtually anything scribbled or typed may be considered business-related, it is critically important to follow some basic rules of business correspondence. Failure to do so could result in far-reaching, often unforeseen legal implications. Any email, fax, handwritten note, calendar entry, or even an annotation in the margins can be archived and become part of a communication chain that can cost your company time, money and even its reputation.

Help your employees recognize these risks and educate them on proper writing practices with the help of Responsible Business Communication.

With the lines between formal-informal, personal-business blurring fast, what your employees put in writing can hurt them and your bottom line. Protect your organization and remind them to think twice about what and how they write - online or offline. Responsible Business Communication helps them:

  • Realize that the term "business correspondence" now covers different types of writing, including sticky notes, calendar entries, and annotations in a margin
  • Identify the risks of irresponsible business communication
  • Avoid careless and costly communication mistakes
  • Write with the "Headline Rule" in mind
  • Follow the four attributes of responsible business communication

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