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Safety Matters: Back Safety
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Safety Matters: Back Safety

Back injuries are painful, expensive to treat and can last a lifetime. Year after year, they are one of the leading causes of injuries on the job. Protecting your back is why you need to understand the basics of how it functions, as well as the behaviors to avoid and the safe work practices that will keep you protected on the job. Because when it comes to your back, safety matters.

Safety Matters: Back Safety covers important information to help your employees protect their backs so they can continue to work safely.

Learning objectives:

  • Why Back Safety is Important
  • Different categories of back injuries
  • What is microtrauma?
  • Risk Factors, Injuries, and Warning Signs
  • Typical causes of back injuries
  • Signs that you may have a back injury
  • Anatomy - Spine and Back Basics
  • How the back functions
  • Prevention and Maintaining a Healthy Back
  • Technique for proper lifting
  • Tips for protecting your posture
  • How your general health effects your back

Safety Matters: Back Safety is one in a series of programs developed and produced by dss+ Learning & Development, the award-winning leader in employee workplace safety training.

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