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Tips and Tricks

  • Instead of emailing recipients directly from CoastalFlix℠, copy the needed URL links from the Email this Playlist found on the Playlists page and paste them into your corporate email so you can use the global distribution or address features.
  • When creating a new playlist you can choose to enable or disable the Pin based on your security needs.
  • You can name each of your playlists and add a description to help you keep track of each of your playlist.
  • On the Playlists page, you can change the priority of how the content is listed within a playlist by choosing Edit Playlist by dragging and dropping the content.
  • Need to know when your license expires or how many accesses you have used so far, just click on the Purchased Licenses link on your Dashboard to get a quick look at your account.

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If you would like more details, please complete our customer service form or send an email to support@training.consultdss.com.