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Place a CoastalFlix order

  1. Choose the Appropriate License Type

  2. Placing the CoastalFlix Order

    • Once at the shopping cart page please enter the total number of accesses or employees depending on the license type chosen
    • The price for the CoastalFlix license will automatically populate in the order summary and the shopping cart
    • When ready to move ahead to order the license, click on the 'Proceed to Checkout' button
  3. Completing the CoastalFlix Order

    • Next, enter/confirm your billing details and review the order
    • Then choose to pay via credit card or a purchase order

      • If you pay for the license with a credit card, an order summary email will be sent to confirm the order, and the license will be available for immediate use
      • If you pay for the license with a purchase order, dss will be notified, and a customer representative will reach out to obtain the purchase order. Once received, the order will be activated, and an order summary email will be sent

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