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Thermography: Operating Procedures & Implementation
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Thermography: Operating Procedures & Implementation

Thermography: Operating Procedures & Implementation is part two of the Thermography three-part training series.

The course discusses the steps necessary to develop an in-house predictive maintenance program with the use of thermal imaging equipment. Thermal behavior is introduced as well as interpreting thermal images with respect to the material's properties. The course also explains how to choose the proper thermography equipment.

Course objectives include:

  • Identify the characteristics and capabilities of thermal imagers
  • List the basic steps for conducting a condition-based infrared monitoring program
  • Describe the correct procedures for working with infrared imaging equipment
  • Explain the thermal behavior of target materials
  • Understand the questions to ask when choosing thermographic equipment.

Course menu:

Infrared Sensing Equipment

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Instruments
  • Apparent Temperature Changes
  • Real Temperature Changes
Predictive Maintenance Program
  • Deciding What to Inspect
  • Establishing and Planning Inspection Routes
  • Data Review and Equipment Check
  • Performing the Inspection
Choosing Thermography Equipment
  • Range and Sensitivity Considerations
  • Portability and Storage Considerations

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