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Thermography: Practical Applications
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Thermography: Practical Applications

Thermography: Practical Applications is part three of the Thermography three-part training series.

The course discusses the use of thermography to detect problems within general mechanical and electrical systems using a thermal signature. More specifically, it presents the use of thermography in detecting mechanical failure in motors, generators, and other machinery consisting of rotating parts. The thermal imager is used to demonstrate how to maximize energy efficiency and detect structural damage such as roof leaks.

Course objectives include:

  • Understand how thermography is utilized in a variety of applications
  • List the various causes of electrical problems that can be identified with thermography
  • Describe the uses of thermography in condition-based monitoring of machinery, furnaces, and boiler systems
  • Explain how thermography enables technicians to locate and evaluate problems related to energy efficiency and building structure.

Course menu:

Electrical Applications

  • Common Electrical Problems
  • Evaluating Findings
Mechanical Applications
  • Machinery
  • Piping Systems
  • Insulation and Refractory Materials
Energy Efficiency Applications
  • Steps for Conducting an Energy Audit
  • Inspecting Roofs for Moisture
  • Considerations for Rooftop Inspections

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