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Vibration Analysis: Preparing for Data Collection
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Vibration Analysis: Preparing for Data Collection

Vibration Analysis: Preparing for Data Collection is part three of the Vibration Analysis six-part training series.

The course explains the equipment and procedures used in the preliminary process of data collection. The presentation includes knowing when to take measurements, which transducer to select, and which analyzer is appropriate.

Course objectives include:

  • Discuss the relationship of displacement, velocity, and acceleration to machine RPMs
  • Choose the proper transducer for each application
  • Identify the categories and types of transducers
  • Select the proper mounting location for a transducer
  • Select a data collector or analyzer.

Course menu:

Transducer Basics

  • Selecting the Proper Unit of Measure
  • Characteristics of Transducers
Commonly Used Transducers
  • Accelerometers and Velocity Pickups
  • Displacement Probes
Selecting and Mounting Transducers
  • Selecting Transducers
  • Mounting Transducers
Selecting Data Collectors
  • Standard Data Collectors
  • Advanced Data Collectors

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