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Workplace Mathematics: Introduction to Algebra
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Workplace Mathematics: Introduction to Algebra

Workplace Mathematics: Introduction to Algebra is part four of the Workplace Mathematics four-part training series.

Course objectives include:

  • Learn about signed numbers and how they are represented on a number line
  • Learn to subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers
  • Learn to use variables in solving equations
  • Learn to determine the value of square roots
  • Learn to use numbers with exponents and powers of 10
  • Learn to simplify algebraic expressions by removing grouping symbols
  • Learn to perform operations in their proper sequence
  • Learn to solve equations that have one unknown.

Course menu:

Signed Numbers

  • Basics of Signed Numbers
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
Algebraic Representation and Terms
  • Variables and Solutions
  • Properties and Principles
Powers and Exponents
  • Basics of Power and Exponents
  • Multiplication of Terms with Exponents
  • Division of Terms with Exponents
  • Exponent Terms Raised to Powers
  • Roots
  • Operations with Radicals
  • Logarithms and Antilogarithms
  • Decibel
  • Current and Voltage Ratios
Order of Operations
  • Grouping Symbols and Operations
  • Order of Operations
Operations with Equations
  • Basics of Equations
  • Solving Equations

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